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New! Visik indoor aerobat proves that the design is a success

Visik indoor video (15 MB)

New! Videosequences (mpeg-1) shot from onboard camera (hicam) on my slope combat, even during a combat session. :

Here I nearly miss another wing (294 kB)

Here is more of the action and one fairly dramatic dive (4 MB)

I am only just beginning to understand how to deinterlace, filter and compress the videos. Come back here soon to check out the progress and hopefully more videos.

Tomahawk II EPP combat wing (19/6/00)

Calamity day (18/5/00) - luck as bad as it gets 

Swedes in Prague (3/5/00) - a trip they didnīt regret (they say)

Tomahawk electro powered (3/5/00) - Boris did a good job

Fun 280 (23/3/00) - Jiri Smid describes his indoor aerobatic machine

We had fun again - have a look at those pictures, if you havenīt been there with us (23/3/00)

PIC00012.jpg (26232 bytes) PIC00014.jpg (59184 bytes) PIC00018.jpg (39811 bytes)
PIC00033.jpg (36289 bytes) PIC00048.jpg (32862 bytes) PIC00052.jpg (19095 bytes)

Elevon and V-tail transmitter mixer (7/3/00)

Sting Ray, Stingerīs relative (7/3/00)

550 mm wingspan Pitts Special (7/3/00) - one fast Slowflyer

Sunday fun (29/2/00) - just another great flying day

Slow Flyer 2000 - the first Czech official indoor RC competition (CZ) (27/2/00) -  have a look at some nice pictures

Tornado EPP slope combat wing (20/2/00)

Vidoule S wind slope in Prague (20/2/00)

A trip to the Nurnberg Toy Fair (CZ) (20/2/00) - in Czech, but you can see the pictures

Divci Hrady E and S slopes in Prague (20/2/00)

Tomahawk EPP Slope Combat (20/2/00)

Stinger EPP Slope Combat (31/1/00)

Sidewinder EPP Slope Combat (13/1/00)

W wind slope in Prague 5 - Velka Ohrada (13/1/00)




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Tomahawk II building instructions

Few more pictures from the Slow Flyer 2000 competition (click the thumbnail...)

akrobat_technika.jpg (26827 bytes)

bacilek.jpg (22498 bytes)

depo1.jpg (19008 bytes)

fokker.jpg (15354 bytes)

pepito.jpg (33475 bytes)

pokojak.jpg (14338 bytes)

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